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How will you develop high performing, cohesive teams to drive your business strategy?

Team-Development-Collaborative-ActionIn a business environment where the speed and scope of change is often overwhelming, a collection of individuals working alone is not an option. Success requires a collaborative advantage. At Collaborative Action, we believe that cohesive, productive teams are the heartbeat of adaptive organizations and rapid teambuilding is an essential skill. Our team development workshop helps individual team members grow by taking personal responsibility for getting things done with others. With increased personal awareness, team members build a clear image of their common purpose, develop shared goals that energize the group, and identify the values that the group shares as it moves forward together. We aim aim to build cohesive teams that progress the change effort and to develop individual teaming skills that carry over from one project to the next.

Our Approach

Collaborative Action custom designs team programs based on current team dynamics and your aims. Typically team sessions are from one to three days.

  1. We often utilize either a TTI Success Insights DISC assessment or Barret Values Center’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) for team members to raise awareness around their style and begin a dialogue around differences in behavior, motivations, values and interests.
  2. Next, we lead the team through conversations and activities that address the essential elements of a highly effective team: clear purpose, collaborative responsible climate, elevating goals, operating agreements and honoring talents.
  3. Our programs build team trust and resiliency in teams that are part of making organizational change happen.


We offer different programs for different types of teams.

Top Team Alignment

This session brings the executive leadership team together for intensive dialogue about the critical issues facing the team and the organization. We focus on developing two skill sets: ensuring teamwork basics are mastered and developming the traits of highly adaptive leadership teams. Collaborative Action believes that a culture of agility starts at the very top of an organization. Creating a highly aligned top leadership team is the highest leverage investment in changing culture. The way your top team operates sets the mode for the rest of the organization. Top team alignment programs may include one to three events and run two to six days. These are customized programs are highly interactive and combine assessments, activities, and team dialogue.

Team Development

Because Collaborative Action believes that teams are the heart beat of an adaptive organization, we provide programs for teams at any level. Team development programs are for intact functional or cross- functional teams. We work with newly formed teams or teams needing to reorient after a change in membership or charter. By applying our team effectiveness model, we aim to aligned and energized any team. Typical programs are between one and two days and are tailored to teams needs.

Team Leadership Training

Being a good team leader or a good team member is an individual skill. Our team leadership training programs help people who work in collaborative enviroments where there is shared responsibility for results to improve:

  • Communication,
  • conflict resolution capability, and
  • practices that help teams operate at its most productive.

When an organization is filled with many people who can lead effective teams, more people can be included in accomplishing more results.