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At Collaborative Action we use the ToP® Strategic Planning process to help groups create realistic, achievable strategic plans through a highly participative and inclusive approach. In these times of increasing change, a traditional strategic planning document does not work. Instead, an organization needs a roadmap built through an inclusive process that can be implemented and revised. Our strategic planning approach provides organizations with a clear shared strategic direction that guides organization-wide implementation activities.

Our Approach

Our approach allows for inclusion and participation.

  1. First, participants gather input from stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, board members and industry specialists.
  2. We use the data to establish a shared understanding of the contextual environment driving change.
  3. Together, the group creates a practical vision and clarifies the mission and values that guide the long-term identity of the organization and its work. Sometimes this happens during one workshop, sometimes it requires multiple iterations.
  4. Next, we identify the obstacles, real or perceived, that prevent the organization from forward movement. This is a critical step in the process because it reveals where strategic effort should be focused.
  5. Out of this conversation emerge the strategic directions that provide focus for the future.
  6. The process is complete: Leaders have a clear actionalbe actionable implementation plans and teams consist of energized and focused individuals.

Unlike other strategic planning processes that are done by executives in isolation and passed over to employees to implement, this process engages people early and throughout. The result is a collaborative effort everyone is committed to accomplishing.

“A vision without action is a daydream. Action without a collective vision is a nightmare.” – Kathleen D. Dannemiller

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