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Collaborative Action’s core strength is facilitating genuine conversation. Facilitation is an art and a science, and we have the capacity for both. Collaborative Action meets the group where they are at. We facilitate productive meetings, whether it is a small team of five or a large group of one hundred and five. We help people resolve conflict and recover from significant upsets. We help teams build trust, align themselves and get on task. We help cross-functional groups find common purpose and commitment to achieve large-scale gains. We help networks of partners come together across organizational boundaries to discover common purpose. We aim to facilitate the important conversations for the benefit of the whole system.

To make the meetings truly successful, we:

  • seek opportunities to expand the degree of inclusion before and after the event.
  • engage and manage participation.
  • skillfully guide the group to create agreed-upon deliverables leading to action.
  • incorporate wall charts to maximize visual impact.
  • employ individual, small and large group activities to accommodate various learning styles.
  • capture and post participant-written input and ideas.

Our Approach

Our facilitation balances the need for creating shared meaning and achieving actionable results.

  1. Collaborative Action dialogues closely with clients to understand the situation and objectives. Often we use a culture or engagement assessment.
  2. Then we custom design an event that fosters collaborative learning, shared decision-making and team implementation. Some of the tools, methods, and processes we use include Technology of Participation (ToP®) from the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Polarity Thinking, conflict resolution strategies, Appreciative Inquiry, and Grove® visual tools.
  3. Once in the room, we provide a trusting environment that allows people to participate in authentic, meaningful conversations that matter.
  4. If conditions change, we have the capacity to adapt real-time to ensure the most pressing needs are addressed.

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