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Every once in a while, an organization needs a jump-start to activate innovative thinking around new products and better programs. Often, the people with the best ideas are the ones working with the customers, suppliers and partners because they sense changes in the market industry. Collaborative Action designs events that bring people together in group innovation workshops where they have the opportunity to hatch new ideas and the autonomy to experiment.

Our Approach

All innovation starts with observation.

  1. We start by asking participants to go out to customers, partners and colleagues to listen and learn about their situations.
  2. Then, we facilitate group processes for people to think expansively and generate lots of fresh, creative ideas.
  3. Next, we build in time for people to experiment, share their ideas with others, and learn how to further improve and refine their ideas.

Often, our innovative workshops are linked to the Fast-Track change process. New ideas are hatched in the innovation workshops and carried forward to reality through the Fast-Track change process.

“Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.” – Albert Einstein

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