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fast-track-action-planning-collaborative-actionFor large-scale strategic change to succeed, organizations must get results through multiple changes at the grassroots level at an accelerated pace. When results are rapid, strategy evolves in shorter cycles. This approach develops change implementation capability across the organization, not just with a few reliable employees. Collaborative Action helps cross-functional and local teams launch focused projects, generate tangible results in a short period of time and teaching project leadership capability along the way. Once established, this process is ongoing, having entered the organization’s DNA and transforming it into an adaptive organization.

Previous Fast-Track projects include:

  • process improvements
  • system implementations
  • new products and services
  • culture initiatives
  • environmental sustainability initiatives

Our Approach

Our approach builds the capability for multiple projects to run in parallel.

  1. The process starts with clear strategic objectives. Often, we accomplish this during the Strategic Planning Process.
  2. Then, at the departmental or business unit level, people in role identify projects that align with the strategy that can be accomplished in a short timeframe, often between 6 and 12 weeks. The key to this phase is identifying the project’s tangible, beneficial result that can be achieved in a short time.
  3. Fast-track project leaders and team members receive implementation support during project planning workshops and team leadership training.
  4. At the end of the Fast-Track cycle, teams share and celebrate their collective accomplishments, and the cycle can begin again.

These new results inform the next phase of the strategic planning process.

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