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Your market environment is changing. How will you build an organization that can adapt to complex challenges and navigate strategic change?

Organizational-Change-Collaborative-ActionIn a business environment of accelerating change and complexity, leaders know their organizations need to be more agile, but traditional change management practices often fall short. At Collaborative Action, we believe that organizational change is quicker and more sustainable when the whole system is engaged in the change process. Collaborative Action helps leaders build agile organizations that can respond to changes in their business environment.

Our services are:

Our Approach

Our approach starts with partnering with you  to understand the current situation and desired end.

  1. Through conversations, assessments, focus groups, or interviews, we gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of the organization and the challenges you face.
  2. Once we are clear on your aims, we partner with an internal design team to custom design organizational change processes and events that maximize engagement, build collaborative leadership and achieve the desired business objectives.
  3. Along the way, as change management consultants, we manage the effort and facilitate the process. Some whole system change methodologies we use include Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Future Search and Open Space Technology.
  4. Our engagement ends when the organization has move into the future it envisioned.

Many change management approaches are concerned with reducing resistance to change, but we go a step further. Through expert facilitation, Collaborative Action create avenues for individuals to participate in creating the change they envision: for themselves, for their team, for their organization. Our solutions aim to fundamentally alter the way people work together, building internal change capability that ensures long after our consulting role ends.

For large, multi-phase change efforts we illustrate the path the a change roadmap from idea to share reality.