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What is Whole-Systems Organizational Change? 2017-02-02T04:49:24+00:00
Spiral Collaborative Action

Whole systems organizational change involves taking a holistic view of what is happening in an organization by utilizing large group methods that allow for widespread participation in the change process. Whole systems approaches can be used in a variety of change efforts, such as strategic planning, visioning, values and principles clarification, culture transformation or strategic initiatives, organizational redesign, process improvement, and customer or supplier relations partnering.

The intent of whole system methods is for people to:

  • Experience interconnectedness
  • Gain a system-wide perspective
  • Appreciate self, others, and the whole system
  • Learn collectively
  • Achieve results collaboratively
  • Develop hope for a shared, desired future
What is the difference between team alignment and team coherence? 2017-02-02T04:49:24+00:00

Team alignment occurs when every member of the team is clear on the purpose, values and goals of the team. When a team is aligned there is focused energy available for the team to be productive and get results. Team coherence describes a collective state one level deeper. Coherence occurs when each team member holds an implicit understanding of the shared purpose and goals as well as each members’ interests and aims. A coherent team is able to adapt and adjust to unexpected changes and uncertainty without disturbing its’ productive functioning.

What is organization development? 2017-02-02T04:49:24+00:00

On the Organization Development Network’s website, Board President Matt Minahan defines OD as:

“Organization Development is a body of knowledge and practice that enhances organizational performance and individual development, by increasing alignment among the various systems within the overall system. OD interventions are inclusive methodologies and approaches to strategic planning, organization design, leadership development, change management, performance management, coaching, diversity, team building, and work/life balance.”

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