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Collaborative Action designed and implemented a multi-year strategic organizational change initiative with a community mental health center facing significant changes including funding, healthcare regulation and delivery systems.

“A new and great experience: very valuable to my personal and professional life. I am so glad to be an integral part of (this organization).”  –Fast-Track Project Leader, Spindletop Center

Aim: Become a sustainably effective organization that reliably generates financial, social and ecological results that benefit the community and stakeholders it serves.

Actions: Design roadmap for 3-year organizational change initiative titled “Building a Sustainably Effective Organization”. Develop multiple large group workshops addressing change, resiliency, sustainability, visioning and action planning. Design and guide a fast-track change initiative to engage maximum employees in participating in change projects throughout the organization. Support staff success along each milestone.

Approach: Collaborate closely with CEO and CHRO to develop long-term framework based on the book Management Reset: Organizing a Sustainable Effectiveness by Edward Lawler and Christopher Worley. Facilitate a series of large group and small group events that changed the way employees communicate and work together to achieve cross-department and localized project work.

Results of Collaborative Action’s Work: Over 93% of staff respond to an engagement survey. The mean response is above 4 on a scale of one to five for categories including vision, mission, culture and engagement. Numerous successful change projects are complete throughout the organization.

Collaborative Action designed and facilitated a strategic planning retreat for a behavioral healthcare consortium facing drastic budget cuts and healthcare reform

“The retreat went great and we are so glad to have had you. Everyone was impressed with the product that came from it, expecially with such a fragmented group. We look forward to our future work. The word I heard most was “impressive”.” – Executive Director

Aim: Design and facilitate a multi-day participative strategic planning process for a consortium of eleven mental health centers.

Actions: Facilitate multiple participative meetings with eleven CEOs. Develop and facilitate change management workshop with ninety senior staff to prepare and plan for the future.

Approach: Apply participative methods and processes to build commitment and direction. Guided change with models based on “systems theory.”

Results of Collaborative Action’s Work: Three-year strategic plan, with strategic directions and first year goals.

Collaborative Action designed the curriculum for a global technology company moving toward a comprehensive leadership development program

“Thanks for all your fantastic work. Everything has been going GREAT! The program has been really well received with great overall scores and feedback from participants. And everyone loves the DISC!!” – Program Manager

Aim: Develop at two-day management development program for new leaders.

Actions: Develop a detailed facilitator’s guide, class materials, and participants’ guide with activities and graphics. Conducted pilot and coached internal trainers to take the reins.

Approach: Work closely with internal client to incorporate company-specific models and processes.

Result of Collaborative Action’s Work: Program delivered on-time, on-budget and to glowing participant reviews.

Collaborative Action designed and facilitated management training to all managers of a small technology company with no establish training program

“Your facilitation was excellent! You know your stuff and how to handle a tough group. There has been a buzz in the halls all week.” – HR Director

Aim: Deliver four half-day training modules to all company managers within three months.

Actions: Facilitate individual & collective learning of essential managerial skills to front-line through executive-level leaders.

Approach: Work collaboratively with the HR Director to customize training activities and adapt to in-the-moment needs.

Result of Collaborative Action’s Work: In less than 3 months, over ninety managers trained, a common language created, and understanding achieved. Outstanding participant response to value of training and quality of facilitation

Collaborative Action delivered Adaptive Change Leadership webinar to over 100 directors of Cooperative Extensions across 7 mid-western states

“Great webinar today! You packed a ton of relevant content into a relatively short time … provided ample opportunity for reflection & discussion… I mean  dialogue… and your examples/exercises were very relevant.  Well done!” – Associate Regional Director 

Aim: Introduce change leadership competencies and skills in 3-hour webinar for mid-west regional leadership conference.

Actions: Customize materials and curriculum design to leverage the webinar format.  Co-present concepts, ideas and skills to deliver a dense, applicable workshop.

Approach: Work collaboratively with colleague and client to adapt content for Adobe Connect webinar format, ensuring interactivity across 100 participants.

Result of Collaborative Action’s Work: Outstanding participant response to applicability of training.