Six Traits of Resilient Teams

Why do some collaborations endure drastic change and others fall apart?  I have been fascinated by the nature of successful collaborations well before choosing organization development as my profession. As a team sports athlete I learned that successful collaborations were not happenstance. As a specialist in organizational change, team and leadership development, I now know: [...]

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Facilitative Leadership – How Leaders Can Hold Conversations that Transform

How many leadership presentations have you heard? Leadership articles have your read? Leadership books have you bought? If you are like most professionals, there comes a point in your career where you know learning to be a better leader is critical to your success. You decide to crack the book, attend the seminar, sign-up for [...]

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Facing Down Bias in the Workplace

I recently took an honest assessment of the people on my team. Each one is fantastic. But I am disappointed in myself when I assess the demographics of my team in light of my interest in creating diverse inclusive workplaces. I’m a forty-seven year old white woman. Guess who helps run my business? That’s right… [...]

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Facilitation is Underrated

Twenty one years ago I sat in a massive conference hall in Seattle with thousands of other conference participants. Never had I been in a room of conversations so full of excitement and energy. It was the launch of the US Delegation to the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing! This event marked [...]

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Three Conditions for Strong Collaborations

People work in collaborative, team-based activities 50% more today than twenty years ago.  That’s the findings of research by Rob Cross in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review.  The complexity of challenges to be solved in the business world can best be tackled by collaborative teams -- groups of people from various disciplines and [...]

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Will Your Team Start 2016 With A Shared Vision? Ask These Four Questions

Reviewing the past year is useful in extracting lessons and recognizing patterns, but the hard work is casting one's thoughts forward a year or more to take you into the future you want. James Allen, a British philosophical writer that lived from 1867 to 1912 and is known for his pioneering inspirational books, wrote, “You [...]

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Whole System Change: Involving the Entire Organization in Adaptive Change

Never before has the rate of change in the world been so dynamic and complex. Ever new technologies, increasing globalization, and influence of social media on society are creating great opportunities, as well as turmoil, for businesses, governments and civic organization. It’s common for organizations to initiate multiple change efforts just to stay relevant. However, [...]

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Collaborative Action Partners with TTI Success Insights

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – October 1, 2015 – TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) is pleased to announce Collaborative Action, LLC has become a Value Added Associate with the global leader in human behavior assessments, TTI Success Insights. “We specialize in developing adaptive leadership teams. We have been looking to partner with an assessment company that offers [...]

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Reaching Across Organizational Boundaries

I recently saw a photo of the sculpture,  "Love", an art installations at this year’s annual Burning Man event, where a temporary community of creatives is built in the desert of Nevada. Ukraine artist, Alexandr Milov created a wire construction of two figures in conflict, sitting back to back, and heads down on their knees. Encaged in [...]

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