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Collaborative Action, LLC  is a Colorado-based organization development consulting firm dedicated to helping forward-thinking business leaders and HR executives navigate growth and change.  We specialize in developing adaptive leaders and facilitating participative processes for whole systems change. We are known for holding the conversations that move leadership teams from big visions to system-wide implementable actions. Our work produces highly collaborative cultures and engaged employees – the keys to adaptive organizations. Our vision is for more collaborative teams and agile organizations to bring positive change into the world.

About Erin Murphy Collaborative Action

Collaborative Action believes that an organization’s success depends on the alignment of the whole system. With this in mind, our approach incorporates the voices of people throughout the organization. This produces organizations with authentic change leaders, cohesive teams, and committed individuals.

Collaborative Action founder, Erin O’Toole Murphy, is a trusted advisor and reliable thinking partner. Her approach sets her apart from other consultants: rooted in systems thinking and participative group methods, Erin is results-orientated with a proven track record.  She simplifies complex situations so the most important issues are can be addressed. Erin works with executives and teams, and also facilitates large groups of cross-functional teams.

Collaborative Action partners with TTI Success Insights (TTI SI), the world’s leading developer of research-based, validated behavioral assessments to enable client organizations to access the full talent and skills of its people.