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Collaborative Action seeks to create a world where every person has the opportunity to contribute their unique talents to a collaborative effort that makes a positive impact for their organization, communities and the world.

Participation Collaborative Action

Approach to Work

Collaborative Action partners with you in thinking through challenges and creating solutions that bring about greater adaptability and success for your organization’s people and it’s results. We don’t write reports with recommendations for you to implement on your own. Instead, our working collaboration relies on your knowledge of your organization’s needs and our expertise in participative processes to move people forward together. By working side-by-side, we help you implement successful change and transformation.


Our core values guide the approach to our work and underpin the outcomes clients gain by working with us.

  • We value personal responsibility. We intend every day to operate from choice and free will. By developing our self-awareness we gain greater access to our unique talents that we offer to the world and can have authentic interactions with others.
  • We value collaboration and inclusion. By engaging people collectively in creating their desired future we foster ownership, commitment and momentum. We believe when people come together to leverage their interdependence, something big can be accomplished.
  • We value the power of system dynamics. We believe effective, sustainable change occurs in relationship to the internal and external contexts.
  • We value learning. Life is about growth and development. Success is overcoming mistakes through insight to allow transformation.
  • We value health. We are stewards of our own health as well as that of our organizations, our communities and our world. To be healthy is to be responsive, adaptable and resilient.