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We help organizations get better results by being more effective at collaboration.

Collaborative Action, LLC is a facilitation and training company that helps organizations face change more collaboratively.

We focus on meetings – team, cross-functional, and leadership – because that is where collaborative cultures are built.

We facilitate team development.

We design strategic leadership meetings.

We train collaborative leadership & facilitation skills.

We coach executives on building adaptive cultures.

Assessments Collaborative Actions


We train people to be collaborative leaders and skillful meeting facilitators.

Organizational Change Collaborative Action


We  facilitate critical conversations across teams, functions and organizations that get people working well together.

Team Development Collaborative Action


We coach leadership teams to bring greater clarity, focus and commitment.

Leadership Development Collaborative Action


We  build programs to develop people as better leaders, managers and team members.


“Our organization is now change-ready and moving forward in a very positive way”

“Collaborative Action has been extremely valuable assisting us in becoming a Sustainable Management Organization (SMO).  Erin Murphy is an engaging facilitator who has roadmapped and delivered a series of effective collaborative events for our staff, both in classroom and in virtual settings, as a part of this major systems change initiative.  Our organization is now change-ready and moving forward in a very positive way.  The results of our work with her are reflected in a recent employee survey which indicated the highest-levels of staff engagement and commitment to becoming a sustainably effective organization.”

– N. Charles Harris, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Spindletop Center

My organization recently went through a reorganization so I reached out to Erin at Collaborative Action to facilitate a session to bring our new team together as a cohesive unit. Our team’s day together went extremely well. I know Erin really cares about our organization and about providing top-shelf cutting edge service! Erin provided me excellent pre-conference planning and post conference follow up, too. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking staff development or management consultation.
Coke Beatty, Executive Director, Pecan Valley Center
East Texas Behavioral Healthcare Network is made up of eleven Mental Health Authorities/Community Centers in Texas. In the past, we have hired other consultants that weren’t able handle the unique challenges of a collaborative model. Then we found Erin. We use Erin O’Toole Murphy for several purposes, including strategic planning, training, individual coaching and seminars on change management. Her signature style of leading a group of eleven CEO’s is both easy going and productive. She elicits participation from every person in the room and we finish with a product that everyone can declare ownership of. Because working with Erin is so productive, many Centers have invited her to work with them at the local level. We are very pleased to engage Erin’s services and will be calling on her again in the future.
Gary A. Bramlett, Executive Director East Texas Behavioral Healthcare Network
We partnered with Erin to design and deliver our Managing and Leading program at Rally. Erin brought her extensive knowledge and expertise in leadership to lead us through the development of our program. She was also an absolute pleasure to work with.

Not only did Erin co-develop the program, she was also the primary instructor and facilitator of the program. We received overall praise and appreciation for the content and wisdom she brought to our leaders…a testimony to Erin’s excellent work.

Liz Andora, VP of People & Places, Rally Software
If you have a chance to work with Erin, do so. You won’t be sorry. Erin is a straight-shooting, compassionate, and clear development coach, consultant, and facilitator. She is extremely well-prepared both theoretically and as a practitioner. I was privileged to employ Erin and was frequently in awe of the level to which she took her assignments. I would work with Erin again in a heartbeat.
Christopher Avery, President, Partnerwerks
Having worked with Erin on various occasions since my own business began, I can’t say enough great things about her – and neither can anyone else. Erin is smart, thoughtful, forward-thinking and a maven in her field. I was grateful to have had the experience of seeing her work and of partnering with her. To whomever has the chance to work with her in the future (hopefully me again), consider yourself lucky. She’s incredible.
Sunni Brown, Founder, Infodoodler-in-Chief at Sunni Brown, Ink.
Erin is a great listener. She absorbs the information presented and then has a magical way of creating goals and objectives for everyone to understand. Her ability to bring a large or a small group with different opinions and agendas to a consensus is amazing. Erin has a worth of knowledge and experience to lead groups whether it be for strategic planning or a smaller redesign project. She stays focused and meets deadlines. For Andrews Center – Erin made a difference in overcoming some critical challenges!
Jenny McFadden, VP of Human Resources, Andrews Center
The course content helped me expand my knowledge of leadership and management, and gave me useful strategies for dealing with managerial situations. It brought awareness to what we do and reframed the way strong leadership and management should work. It provided me with valuable insight for helping my team and my peers as we move into the future as a larger company.
Leadership Program Participant, Rally Software
As my responsibilities grow in the company, and as Rally undergoes changes, this class has brought me a current frame of mind for leading and managing as we move forward. It reminded me of the core strategies we need, and gave me new points and themes to leverage as we grow.
Leadership Program Participant, Rally Software
Erin was really easy to stay connected with during the training. She brought an easy style to the class and made us all stay engaged throughout. Her real world experience was so relevant and allowed us to discuss the details as needed. The exercises were solid ways to allow for collaboration amongst the teams.
Leadership Program Participant, Rally Software

“If you’re  committed to exponentially developing and growing your business…”

“Erin provides an amazing vehicle for exploring your business dynamics, mapping out your mission and purpose, developing a strategic plan, exploring your corporate vision, and defining as a team what needs to be done in order to move dramatically forward. If you’re  committed to exponentially developing and growing your business, then Erin’s committed to actively helping you to achieve it.”

– Thomas H. Lucas, MS, LPC, Integrated Healthcare Manager

Who is Collaborative Action, LLC?

We are a training and facilitation consulting firm helping forward-thinking leaders of businesses, non-profits and governments build the collaborative capacity of their  organization. We specialize in training and facilitating critical conversations.  We facilitate people from diverse thinking to a shared vision and onward to system-wide actions. Our work produces highly collaborative cultures and engaged employees .

Puzzle Integration Collaborative Action

Why build a collaborative, innovation culture?  Because it:

Whole Systems Collaborative Action
  • Sparks people’s commitment and energy.

  • Fosters a bigger picture understanding and quick, collective learning.

  • Forms more coherent and highly performing teams.

  • Builds adaptive capacity organization-wide.

  • Promotes key strategic alliances.

  • Is the best way for an organization to effectively manage complexity and change.

  • Empowers individuals to adapt and grow as change leaders.

  • Accelerates change!